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SINCE 1997
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Estonian Journal of Archaeology
ISSN 1736-7484 (Electronic)
ISSN 1406-2933 (Print)
Impact Factor (2022): 1.0
Vol 27, Issue 2, 2023
Research article
Reckoning counters found in a 15th-century landfill of the Kalamaja suburb of Tallinn; pp. 83–97
Ivar Leimus, Andres Tvauri
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Research article
Buried at home? Stable isotope analysis of the late hunter-gatherer cemetery population at Tamula, SE Estonia; pp. 98–128
Mari Tõrv ORCID Icon, Gunilla Eriksson ORCID Icon
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Research article
Pre-Roman Iron Age inhumations: a multi-proxy analysis of a burial complex from Tallinn, Estonia; pp. 129–158
Maris Niinesalu-Moon ORCID Icon, Keiti Randoja, Anu Lillak, Ester Oras ORCID Icon, Mari Tõrv ORCID Icon, Kristiina Johanson ORCID Icon, Ragnar Saage ORCID Icon, Alexandre Lucquin ORCID Icon, Sirje Hiie, Aivar Kriiska ORCID Icon, Valter Lang
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