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SINCE 1997
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Estonian Journal of Archaeology
ISSN 1736-7484 (Electronic)
ISSN 1406-2933 (Print)
Impact Factor (2022): 1.0
Vol 25, Issue 2, 2021
The oldest clay tobacco pipes from Vilnius, Lithuania: the interpretation of origin, chronology and social context; pp. 93–112
Atas Žvirblys
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Chronology of a group of stone-cist graves in northern Estonia: radiocarbon dates from Lastekangrud at Rebala; pp. 113–139
Margot Laneman
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Coins and tokens from a 15th-century landfill in the Kalamaja suburb of Tallinn; pp. 140–159
Ivar Leimus, Andres Tvauri
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In search of Estonia’s earliest chicken; pp. 160–181
Freydis Ehrlich ORCID Icon, Eve Rannamäe ORCID Icon, Margot Laneman, Mari Tõrv ORCID Icon, Valter Lang, Ester Oras ORCID Icon, Lembi Lõugas
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Time Machines; An exploration of Roman period copper-alloy objects in an Estonian tarand cemetery, using pXRF; pp. 182–213
Marcus Adrian Roxburgh ORCID Icon
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