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A new species of cyathaspid (Vertebrata: Pteraspidomorphi: Heterostraci) from the Lower Devonian Drake Bay Formation, Prince of Wales Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada; pp. 88–95

Full article in PDF format | 10.3176/earth.2018.06

David K. Elliott, Linda S. Lassiter, Alain Blieck


A new genus and species of cyathaspid heterostracan, Faberaspis elgae, is described from the Early Devonian (Lochkovian, Pedavis pesavis conodont Zone) Drake Bay Formation of Prince of Wales Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada, where it is associated with a rich shallow marine invertebrate fauna. Faberaspis is most closely related to Poraspis, but differs in details of the ornament and in possessing a more complete network of lateral line canals.


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