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The Borschovo section of the Gauja and Amata regional stages (Leningrad Region, Russia): sedimentology and biostratigraphy; pp. 21–32

Full article in PDF format | 10.3176/earth.2018.01

Ervīns Lukševičs, Ģirts Stinkulis, Alexander Ivanov, Daiga Tirzmale


The results of the detailed sedimentological study and bed-by-bed collecting of fossils from the Borschovo section exposing the upper Givetian–lower Frasnian boundary beds are discussed. The succession consists of sandstones alternating with argillaceous and clayey packages that contain vertebrate and plant remains in the upper part. The grain size, sedimentary structures and cross-bed orientation considerably differ in the Oredezh Beds and the Staritsa Beds. Fine- to coarse-grained cross-stratified sandstones of the Oredezh Beds most probably are fluvial deposits, whereas the sandstones of the Staritsa Beds yielding tidal structures that show variable directions of the cross-bedding were accumulated in a tidally influenced or even tidally dominated environment. The Oredezh Beds in the study area lack fossils; however, sedimentary features allow correlation with the Sietiņi Formation corresponding to the lower part of the Gauja Regional Stage. The age of the Staritsa Beds is defined based on the distribution of vertebrate taxa as corresponding to the Amata Regional Stage. Probably, the deposits from the Borschovo locality represent the most complete section of the Staritsa Beds, including its lowermost part. Rather good preservation of some thin and fragile fish bones, buried together with large-sized quartz grains, and wide taxonomical diversity, are characteristic of the Borschovo locality, which is not common for the vertebrate localities of the Main Devonian Field corresponding to the Amata Regional Stage.


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