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Ediacaran and Cambrian stratigraphy in Estonia: an updated review; pp. 152–160
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Tõnu Meidla

Previous late Precambrian and Cambrian correlation charts of Estonia, summarizing the regional stratigraphic nomenclature of the 20th century, date back to 1997. The main aim of this review is updating these charts based on recent advances in the global Precambrian and Cambrian stratigraphy and new data from regions adjacent to Estonia. The term ‘Ediacaran’ is introduced for the latest Precambrian succession in Estonia to replace the formerly used ‘Vendian’. Correlation with the dated sections in adjacent areas suggests that only the latest 7–10 Ma of the Ediacaran is represented in the Estonian succession. The gap between the Ediacaran and Cambrian may be rather substantial. The global fourfold subdivision of the Cambrian System is introduced for Estonia. The lower boundary of Series 2 is drawn at the base of the Sõru Formation and the base of Series 3 slightly above the former lower boundary of the ‘Middle Cambrian’ in the Baltic region, marked by a gap in the Estonian succession. The base of the Furongian is located near the base of the Petseri Formation.


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