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Interannual variability of ice and snow cover of a small shallow lake; pp. 26–32

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/earth.2013.03

Roman Zdorovennov, Nikolay Palshin, Galina Zdorovennova, Tatiana Efremova, Arkady Terzhevik


The interannual variability of ice and snow of small shallow Lake Vendyurskoe (Karelia, Russia) is investigated on the basis of long-term records (1994–2011). The water temperature, thickness of the snow and ice, as well as incident, reflected and penetrating through the ice fluxes of solar radiation were registered. The lake surface albedo in spring varied widely from 0.95 (fresh snow, sunny weather) to 0.1 (water on the ice surface). The heat balance of the lake surface (solar and effective long-wave radiation, evaporation and condensation, turbulent heat transfer) was estimated for the period of melting. The amount of heat accumulated in the sub-ice layer during the spring convection was assessed. Estimates of the proportion of solar radiation on the melting of ice and water heating in the under-ice layer during the spring thaw were carried out.


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