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Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Vol 57, Issue 4, 2008
The succession of Hirnantian events based on data from Baltica: brachiopods, chitinozoans, conodonts, and carbon isotopes; pp. 197–218
Dimitri Kaljo, Linda Hints, Peep Männik, Jaak Nõlvak
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Karksilepis parva gen. et sp. nov. (Chondrichthyes) from the Burtnieki Regional Stage, Middle Devonian of Estonia; pp. 219–230
Tiiu Märss, Anne Kleesment, Moonika Niit
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Gleysols on sandy deposits of the Litorina Sea underlain by Histosol formations of Ancylus Lake age in western Estonia; pp. 231–240
Loit Reintam, Tanel Moora, Anto Raukas
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Two-dimensional apparent microfabric of the basal Late Weichselian till and associated shear zone: case study from western Latvia; pp. 241–255
Andis Kalvāns, Tomas Saks
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SHORT COMMUNICATION: Kaljoprion – a new enigmatic jawed polychaete genus from the Upper Ordovician of Estonia; pp. 256–259
Olle Hints
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