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Estonian Journal of Archaeology
ISSN 1736-7484 (Electronic)
ISSN 1406-2933 (Print)
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Article Publication Charges

When submitting an article to the Estonian Journal of Archaeology, the corresponding author must agree to pay the publication fee and state this in the Covering Letter.

To partly cover the publication costs of the papers, the Estonian Academy Publishers charges a publication fee of €250 per publication of papers up to 20 printed pages. For all longer papers than 20 printed pages an additional page charge of €40 will be requested for each extra page.

Authors will be asked to pay the standard article publication fee, the excess page fee and cost of colour illustrations after acceptance of the article. Invoice with the banking data will be sent to the corresponding author. Prompt payment is advised, as the article will not be sent to the production cycle until payment is received. Payment should be made in Euro to the bank account of the Estonian Academy Publishers.

The publication fee of articles up to 20 printed pages will be waived by the Estonian Academy of Sciences to the authors whose work was supported by Estonian granting agencies or other Estonian funding bodies or to the authors who address priority topics in Estonian and Finno-Ugric cultures. Requests for waivers of publication and/or excess page fees should be presented in the Covering Letter. Herewith, information about support received from the Estonian Academy of Sciences will appear in the Acknowledgements of the article.

No handling fee is applied to the manuscripts rejected by the publisher.

Colour illustrations 
Authors will be asked to cover the full cost for reproduction of colour artwork at a rate of €35 for one printed page. Colour figures online will be published free of charge.

“Fast track” publication
After the final decision about manuscript acceptance the authors have a possibility of applying for “fast track” publication. If this application is accepted by the Editor-in-Chief, the paper will be included in the next issue. Extra costs of this increase will be covered by the non-refundable “fast track” fee, paid by the author(s) prior to publication. 

Standard article fee (max. 20 printed pages)250
Excess page fee (printed page)40
Colour illustrations (printed page)35
“Fast track” publication500