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The 3rd International Oil Shale Conference (BAU-OSC-3) In Salt City, Al-Balqa, Jordan, 17–19 October 2023

The Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan is planning to organize its 3rd International Oil
Shale Conference (BAU-OSC-3) from 17 to 19 October 2023 in Jordan. The Conference
was deferred from being organized in 2021 due to the pandemic, COVID-19.
Since then, no conferences or workshops have been organized solely on oil shale research
advancement and updates. This Conference would provide a platform for researchers,
technologists, businessmen and decision-makers to meet in one place.
The Conference will cover recent trends in oil shale research and application and a wide range
of topics in oil shale knowledge, in addition to other related subjects such as:
•          Oil Shale Processing
•          Oil Shale and Shale Oil Properties
•          Chemistry and Geochemistry
•          Geology and Stratigraphy
•          Modeling and Catalysis
•          Chemicals from Shale Oil
•          Shale Oil Upgrading
•          Combustion and Environmental Impact
•          Advances in Oil Shale Retorting Technologies
•          Mining and Mining Technologies
•          Oil Shale, Semicoke and Ash Volarization
•          Socioeconomic Impact and Policy
•          Resource Evaluation
•          Assessment of Oil Shale Options
•          Groundwater Control and Management
•          Health and Environmental Risk
•          Economics and Finance

Scientists from the Department of Energy Technology, Tallinn University of Technology will contribute by participating in the work of the Scientific Committee.

The Conference website is on which the important
information regarding topics, important dates, fees, visa requirements, etc., is provided. With any
additional information required, the researcher may write directly to the Chairman of the Conference
through the Conference email: