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A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences

ISSN 1736-7514 (electronic)  ISSN 1406-0922 (print)
Published since 1997

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(Full article in PDF format) https//doi.org/10.3176/tr.2020.1.04


Saeed Sharafat Khan, Taleb Al-Olaqi Mohammed Fahd


The Western academic awareness of Muhammad’s Prophethood helped the West to understand Islam. Since the spread of Islam in the seventh century, the Western church had perceived Islam as a great threat. It tried to check its spread by projecting Islam in the role of a dreadful and unpleasant enemy. The church represented Prophet Muhammad on biased studies. Christian writers distorted the image of the Prophet. They dubbed him with a derogatory title of an imposter, heretic or infidel, idol of Muslims, devil and anti-Christ. In fact, in his call to Islam, the Prophet informed early Christians and Jews in Madinah that he had come to testify Jesus and Moses. Although he proves that Prophet Jesus was neither a god nor part of God the Almighty; he was an elect Messenger of God (the Qur’an, 5:115-118). Western prejudice against Prophet Muhammad is anchored in misapprehension and misrepresentation.


Prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, Christians, Jews, academic awareness


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